B.L.O.A.T (Bottom Line of Alarm Technologies) Support Group is dedicated to creating safe home living environments. Our main focus is early detection and immediate alert of smoke and carbon monoxide presence by use of modern technology sensors and alarms.

Fire and carbon monoxide can harm your family or even lead to death and it is our duty and responsibility to make sure our loved ones are protected.

According to U.S. Fire Administration, fire has caused thousands of death and injuries each year and losses run into billion of dollars.

However, we can stop this alarming statistics by investing in smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and heat sensors that can give early warning. Every second counts in a fire emergency situation and we believe that we can save more lives by creating awareness of best fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Fire Alarm technologies have evolved very much and due to mass production, they are available at affordable prices.

Let us inform you on the bottom line of alarm technologies.