Closely associated with smoke and fire is the most lethal and silent killer gas; carbon monoxide. This gas can be present in your house and you will not even notice it. I mean, it is not like ammonia which though colorless like carbon monoxide has a strong pungent smell. It is not possible to detect this gas by human senses. It is a good precaution to install carbon monoxide detector.

Each year approximately 400 Americans die from Carbon Monoxide related complications.

In the home, the most common causes of carbon monoxide is fire and fire equipment. Poorly maintained cooking equipment such as stoves have the potential  to generate CO gases. Whenever fuel materials such as gas, oil, petrol, paraffin or wood burn in presence of limited oxygen, carbon monoxide is emitted. This gas when inhaled is poisonous.

Refer to this site for symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The following are the best carbon monoxide detector available in the market:

First Alert PRC710 10-Year Combination Carbon Monoxide and Photoelectric Smoke Detector

carbon monoxide detector

As you have noticed from the name, it has the added advantage of combining carbon monoxide detector as well as smoke detector.

It is a 2 in 1.

It is a compact solution that saves you money while guaranteeing you maximum safety.





Kidde KN-COEG-3 Nighthawk Plug-In Carbon Monoxide and Explosive Gas Alarm with Battery Backup

Manufactured by one of the best in the industry, this product is a great value pack.

In addition to carbon monoxide, you will be alerted of other potentially harmful explosive gases.

The display lets you know the CO levels recorded including the highest levels recorded before last reset.





First Alert CO615 Dual Power Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm with Battery Backup and Digital Display

This CO detector can be hard wired to an AC power supply.

The digital display shows the CO levels.

The back up battery guarantees your product will work all the times.