First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector Review

First Alert provides some of the best and most well known fire safety products that are compliant with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) UL2034 standard for safety. This article reviews their top first alert carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarms according to consumer feedback.

“From children and family to your home and business, our mission is helping protect the lives, well-being and valuables of our customers. Our products offer a sense of preparedness and assurance that enable a higher quality of life.” First Alert Website

Benefits of a first alert carbon monoxide detector

first alert carbon monoxide detectorThe greatest advantage of first alert carbon monoxide detector is the ability to filter false alarms. In addition they possess cool features that enhance their reliability and accuracy.




Our no. 1 first alert carbon monoxide detector /smoke alarm is the First Alert SA501CN2 Interconnected Wireless Smoke Alarm 

The product has 10 years warranty. You will not likely need a technician to install it in your home as it is a pretty straightforward process to install and there are no cables to run or connect.

Features of First Alert SA501CN2

  • It is a wireless smoke detector. If you would like to know the importance of wireless smoke detectors, you may click here.
  • It comes as a pair (2 – PACK). The ONELINK interconnects the detectors and
  • It uses photoelectric smoke detector technology as the sensing technology as opposed to ionization technology. This makes it very suitable to detect smoldering fires.
  • It comes with a button that can be used for silencing the alarm especially when testing it
  • Of course to match other similar products in the market, it has inbuilt function to detect low battery and sound a warning. Battery replacement is made very easy as this device comes with a pullout battery drawer. It uses standard two AA batteries that are so easy to find.

If you have 4 rooms that you need to install smoke detectors, then you only need 2 pairs of First Alert SA501CN2 Interconnected Wireless Battery Operated Smoke Alarm. In case of fire in any of the rooms, then all the smoke detectors will go off. This increases the chance of knowing there is a fire emergency without loss of time. Every second counts in a fire emergency situation.

The expected range of communication between the wireless smoke detectors is 30 feet but could reduce due to interferences.

The limitation to this product is that it has no way of detecting carbon monoxide gases.

First Alert SCO5CN Combination Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Alarm

Unlike our first product, this product can detect both carbon monoxide gases and smoke. It uses photoelectric sensing technology (if you want this explained more, click here) to detect smoke. Additionally, it employs the most up-to-date accurate technology to detect carbon monoxide by using electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor.

First Alert carbon monoxide detector SCO5CN has a 5 year limited warranty. The downside is that it is not wireless and hence interconnecting is difficult.

The alarm is strong enough to alert you of danger (85dB). It has a different combination of alarm and lights for either carbon monoxide alert or smoke alert.

First Alert CO615 Dual Power Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm

The multi-function back-lit digital screen is a special feature of this first alert carbon monoxide detector. You get to easily see status level of the device such as the battery power indicators and even much better, the carbon monoxide gas level in the area of measurement. You need not to press any button, all you have to do is look.

This device comes with a 7 year limited warranty.

first alert carbon monoxide alarm

Other cool features of First Alert Carbon Monoxide detector CO615

  • It has dual Power (plug in/electric and front load battery) that ensures continuous protection. You are therefore certain that the alarm will work at all times, even during power outages.
  • The Peak Level feature displays the highest concentration of carbon monoxide measured since the unit was last reset
  • You can easily plug into any standard electricity outlet with no additional mounting necessary or it can also be mounted on any wall using the convenient power line cord which is approximately 6 feet long.
  • The detector meets Underwriters Laboratories (UL) UL2034 standard for safety

First Alert SA520B Smoke Alarm

This is another of the wireless smoke detectors that is based on photoelectric sensing technology. Consequently, you get to enjoy the ease of wireless connectivity and the high costs associated with hard wiring to interconnect several of such devices together are eliminated. the OneLink interconnection takes care of that.

This first alert smoke alarm is hardwired to 120V and has batteries that backup even in cases of power outage.

You can easily use this First Alert SA520B to expand your existing system of wireless smoke detectors without the need of a technician. It can support up to 18 units and can work together with other first alert carbon monoxide detector, heat sensors and relays.

You can check our expert review of wireless smoke detectors based on actual customer feedback.

First Alert SA521CN

  • Hardwired to 120V AC mains power, interconnected wireless smoke alarm with battery backup
  • It uses photoelectric sensing technology which is environmentally friendlier.
  • Comes with low battery warning; a simple to use silence/test button; and a pullout battery drawer for easy replacement of batteries.
  • You can add several battery operated First Alert ONE-LINK alarms to expand without wires
  • Power Source: 120-volt with 2 AA battery backup

In summary, a wireless first alert carbon monoxide detector saves you money, gives you the ease of interconnection and provides you with a quality reliable protection from fire and CO gases for a long period of time to come.

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