Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector

You are a guy on the move. You travel a lot and spend considerable time away from your home. Yet still, you need to be safe from fire hazards and harmful carbon monoxide gases. It is very possible to have a gadget that could ease all the uncertainties (that at one point or another while sleeping or relaxing at that room away from home), you could be unsafe and potentially exposed to poisonous gases. That is why you must have a portable carbon monoxide detector.

Here is a quick preview of some unique portable CO detectors at very affordable prices

Just imagine you are paying for a very nice facility that also serves to expose you. This is a very worrying trend nowadays. This story in CNN had 3 people die in carbon monoxide gas related circumstances in a hotel room. Another article by USA TODAY shows the huge gap that exists in hotels since not many have installed carbon monoxide detectors. Mark you, carbon monoxide gas is the silent killer. (It would not wake you up to take away your life!). In another shocking report, only 11 percent of hotels and resorts in the United States had installed carbon monoxide detectors.

Solution is Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector

Now imagine that all those lives lost in the real life stories above had a portable carbon monoxide detector alongside their personal effects. I bet those persons would still be available.

Image by Kidde

Image by Kidde


There are high probabilities of having carbon monoxide gases in hotels according to recent research. We found these set of portable carbon monoxide detectors worth the attention of our readers.

Kidde Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display

It has the advantage of allowing you to see the amount of carbon monoxide detected at any given time. This is updated every 15 seconds. It is small and light enough to carry around and can be placed perfectly anywhere in your room.

Kidde Portable carbon monoxide detector with Display

First Alert Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm

First Alert Portable CO Alarm