Stay safe – Halloween fire safety

Here comes Halloween celebrations on 31st October. This is a popular celebration in the western countries dedicated to remember the dead. An important aspect to consider is Halloween fire safety.

One of the many ways celebrations are done, is through lighting bonfires.

As you play those tricks and teases keep safety your no. 1 priority.

The reality is that every passing Halloween is becoming more violent and extreme than before. Children and adults alike are outdoing the norms by pushing the boundaries of sanity and safety.

I am not suggesting you dont go for your favorite Halloween costume or decorations. But be careful in your planning and actions.

Decorations are the first and easy to ignite. This is according to statistics by NFPA in their advocacy for Halloween safety.

There has been over 800 reported home structure fires due to Halloween celebrations annually!

An average of one person died each year in these celebrations of the dead. Keep decorations away from sources of heat. Remember the fire triangle.

Take care around candles. You may want to have a fire extinguisher at home that works.


There are dozens of Halloween deco, lighting and costumes that may interest you.

Have a way of detecting fire soon. It is very needful for your house to have smoke alarms. There is nothing to be afraid of. Not even the dead. No need to turn the lights off. Many believe Halloween actually has both Christian & pagan roots, while others think its all satanic. Some money will be spent, some fun will be created and some memories made. However, as we do all these let us also plan for safety. For example, you can avoid flame candles and opt for battery operated candles or light sticks, leave all exits clear for safe evacuation or escape and test your home smoke alarm system in advance. If your children have to go to a Halloween party, please coach them on Halloween fire safety tips.

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